Friday, 30 October 2015

Here Is The Best Way To Treat Your Dog

Once in a while, we all love a special treat. Whether it is an ice-cream or a chocolate, quenching our sweet tooth has always felt good. Contrary to the common belief that dogs are not aware of the ingredients making up their food, dogs are not any different from us. In fact, dogs are always aware of what they are eating and they feel the difference when there plate is served with something special. In the same line of thought, dog treats are the greatest way to train or reward a dog. Dog treats are not staple food; they are only meant to be given once in a while. Apart from just rewarding the dog, it is an effective way of helping your dog’s gums and teeth develop in a healthy manner.

Foods that can qualify as Healthy Dog Treats

As mentioned above, dog treats are special foods that should not be used as staple food. You can either buy them from dog stores or make them at home. Dog treats include elk antlers, salmon treats, fruit dog treats, organic dog foods, beef cuts, lamb based food, gourmet dog treats, peanut butter treats, freeze dried foods, sweet potato based foods, turkey treats etc. Making these treats at home is not too much of a bargain. Once you get to learn some few skills, the endeavor should be fun. Alternatively, you can access innumerable companies selling these foods online.
Nevertheless, remember that treats contain a huge amount of calories. With that, it is imperative that these treats are given between well-spaced intervals to protect your dog from obesity. In addition to the above mentioned foods, protein based foods rich in flaxseed, trans acids and fish oils can also qualify as healthy dog treats. 

Using treats during training

Healthy Dog TreatsVery few things can match the goodness of treats as incentives during training. When your dog achieves a certain training goal or completes a specific training task, a treat is the best way to reward your dog. With the quick ability of dogs to learn, they will soon associate a specific goal attainment action with the reward. Next, the dog will repeat the learned action as a way of getting the reward again. With treats, you can easily induce certain habits in the behavior of your dog. 

Taking care when treating your dog

The health and well being of your dog are very important. Therefore, as much as you want to treat your dog, it is illogical to treat it in a manner that will compromise its health. As stated earlier, you always have to keep in mind the quantity of the treats and the frequency at which you are giving your dog these treats. If you give your dog treats too often, achieving desired training results will be almost impossible due to development of issues such as obesity and tartar formation. It is a wise idea to choose treats that are high in proteins and also different from the daily food your dog consumes. 
Of also great significance, chemical dog treats are not good for your dog. Dog veterinary doctors recommend the use of natural treats  only. Elk antlers are not only an all-natural dog, they are tasty and good for your dog’s teeth and gums.
There are a variety of options from where you can find healthy dog treat. Examples include grocery stores and e-stores. 

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