Beatrice, Los Angeles
Verified Purchase

I never knew about elk antler dogs chews until when I went to my friends place a saw how happy his dog was. At first I thought it was a normal bone but have never seen my dog clearing bone like that. I jokingly told my friend that I have never seen my dog clearing a bone like that and that is when she told me that it was actually a toy bone that he bought in order to keep his dog busy. I also decided to get one for my dog and see how it will react. However, to be sincere I was afraid that my do will not like the toy because it is very choosy. However I was surprised with how my dog responded when it first saw the toy bone. The dog really liked elk antlers. What I really liked about this bone is the fact that it is gotten from natural shedding. The bone is also long lasting an odor free. Am really happy and I definitely recommend elk antlers to anyone who owns dog. 
Elk Antlers For Dogs Reviews

Phaedra, Atlanta Georgia 
Verified Purchase

My dog like chewing and I was frustrated because I was not able to provide enough bones that it demanded. This forced me to start looking for an alternative and that that is when I came across elk antlers for dogs. I researched about this product and read customer reviews and I was convinced that this was exactly what my dog need. By the fact that this bone is 100% natural, non-allergic and natural shed convinced me that it is the right toy for my dog. I bought this toy for my dog and since then I have never had the stress of constantly looking for bones. My dog is also more active and playful thank to elk antlers for dogs. Am really thankful that I discovered elk antlers for dogs just at the right time

Mark, Washington DC
Verified Purchase

This is probably the best antlers that I have ever purchased. My dog is able to destroy most chews in matter of seconds and I had to step up my game and look for a more challenging task. Since I knew about elk antler for dogs and its many benefits, I decided to give it a try and see if it will also be crushed like others. However it turned out to be the best challenge for my dog. He loves this antler and carries it everywhere. It is almost a week since a bought the antler and it is still intact. I liked the fact the elk antlers that I bought was not tampered, a factor that makes it difficult for it to get worn at the skinny end. By having such an aggressive chewer, I know that elk antlers is the best bone and will last for long.

Amanda, North Carolina 
Verified Purchase

My 2 year old German shepherd like chewing bones but is very choosy on the type of bones that it chews. To be specific he likes chewing the bone marrow and I had to spend a lot of cash just keep him happy. However my friend advised me to try elk antlers for dogs. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the fact that my dog is very choosy. However, I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, my dog really liked the toy bone. The bone is natural and long lasting. It usually keeps my dog busy and out of trouble. Great product and no stuffed animal parts all-round the house. I highly recommend this!

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