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My name is Sue Wang, the founder of http://elkantlerdogchews.blogspot.com dog lovers blogging site. I started my dog blogging journey 6 years ago with an aim of providing accurate and relevant information to other dog lovers across the world. My journey into blogging started as a result of my experience and history with dogs since I had fallen in love with them right from my early childhood.

I have 18 dog breeds under my care and I normally spend most of my time taking care of adopted and senior dogs in the local vet center. In 2012, I lost one of my precious doggies, Herald after a short illness. That experience touched my life and although my best friend has departed, I still feel much connected to him today.

My blogging about dog and dog-related topics is aimed at showing how a human-dog influence can bring a positive impact to both parties and how dogs can be really loyal to those who take time to treat them right. The purpose of my blogs is also to promote the conversation about dogs, especially senior and adopted ones plus I also like talking about some of the amazing treats available for these special animals including elk antlers. I would also like to change the antiquated, tired beliefs towards these beautiful animals. 

I represent a class of dog lovers who know how proper human-dog relationships can be fulfilling and would like to see many people enjoy a warm bond with their dogs. You can learn more from Sue Wang and let the information she provides help you as you take care of your dog. 

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